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information commissioners office

We are fully compliant with all data protection regulations.  Further information regarding this can be found by clicking the 'ico home' button at the bottom of this page.  First Aid portfolios are kept for a period of 3 years at governing bodies request.


How we comply with GDPR

Since GDPR was implimented in UK law under the Data Protection Act 2018) it has raised many questions for businesses across the UK.


 Candidates often ask if data collected on our life-saving CPR first aid courses are covered under this regulation,in short, the answer is yes.


 GDPR does not overwrite existing UK laws, however, it requires employers to keep certain pieces of information. For example, the personal details on accident forms do not require consent, as under GDPR, this is lawful as it’s “necessary for compliance of a legal obligation to which the controller is subject”. It does, however, have implications for how organizations handle these records, and how long they keep them.

 At the SkillZone, our sensitive data is secure and held for three years to comply with our regulating bodies.

We conform with UK legislation and  have policies in place which include;

Modern Slavery, Bribery, Health & Safety, Disciplinary Grievance Policy, Equal OpportunitiesTraining & Development,  all of which can be viewed on request.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, further information is available via email from our Data controller who can be contacted at

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