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shelter building

Shelter building

Build somewhere to stay dry and warm!!!

You will learn how to build a shelter from what's around you, and this will protect you from the incoming storm, snow blizzard, or the warm sun, although in Scotland the chance of strong sun is unlikely this could save your life. You will also learn basic first-aid skills from the skill zone

This is where you will also spend the night and where you will hopefully sleep if you get a chance...

Food & Fire

Firelighting & safe cooking

You will learn how to start a fire using items such as flint, steel, glass, wood,  cotton, metal cans, and loads more. 


No matches or lighters are allowed

We will also have a look at what we can eat and what we can't, we will look at water sources from the immediate area and how to sanitize it so we can cook with it and drink it.

Team building at its best

outdoor training


environmental award scheme for people of all backgrounds

national navigation award scheme

National Navigation Award Scheme

learn navigation skills and gain confidence to get out and enjoy the countryside


Learn the skills needed to give life saving first aid, you could save soemones life!!!

Mountain training association


Here you will find valuable information about outdoor awards and accreditation

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